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  VolotuS: hi.
  VolotuS: By looking in the alliances on the ea site.
  Phåñ†øm™: How did u find this?
  Phåñ†øm™: It was a group of friends on Enjin
  VolotuS: What The Heck Is This Site And Why Is It Called Poop Clan.
  Phåñ†øm™: Hey :)
  (EA)Beast™|A|: Hi guys, it's me Phantom, this is my Alliance account for EA.
  Phåñ†øm™: Thanks for joining this site.
  Phåñ†øm™: Hey Drake
  Phåñ†øm™: Hey :D Thanks for joining this site :D
  Emy: boo =D
  Phåñ†øm™: Hello
  SweqqyKoala: yea
  Phåñ†øm™: rlly?
  SweqqyKoala: itz mi birthday :oo
  Phåñ†øm™: Haha
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